Only the mind can control itself

Meditation Master Babaji speaks about how control of the mind only really comes when the mind becomes quiet.

“It is recommended that in the meditation you be gentle, relaxed – skillfully you have to bring it to a stillness. That means by watching. Slightest bit you give up that control or your watchfulness, mindfulness, then it slips and it starts beginning its own story – it spins and spins and goes into a big story, creativity. All these things happen. So you cannot afford to lose temper at that time. It might be irritating sometimes, but you should not feel irritated because you will do more damage to your consciousness. If you feel irritated, if you lose temper, if you get angry, you might feel like banging your head; “Meditation is not happening, it’s not coming -millions of thoughts. Oh, God, how to stop this?” Nothing else can stop it. Only the mind has to stop itself.”

“Only the mind can control itself. No other means is possible, no other way, no other instrument, no other machinery, no other medicine. Nothing can control the mind. It will always be there. Only the mind itself has to become quiet. This is what you have to eventually realize in meditation. ‘Oh, it’s me who is troublesome, I have to become quiet.’ The day you realize that meditation will become easy.”

Watch the full video below on how to control the mind through meditation. (click image)

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