We must be alert during meditation (short video)

When we sit for meditation we must make sure we are alert. If we fall asleep then we won’t be getting the benefits of meditation.

Make sure you take sufficient rest before sitting for meditation. Traditionally the early morning hours have been recommended; you get up, wash, sit for meditation then go about your daily activities. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit this, any time of day is fine. Just make sure to leave an hour or two after a meal otherwise we are likely to get sleepy.

When we can be alert and practice the technique properly, i.e. focus our mind and sight just to watch inbetween the eyebrows, then the mind can be purified of its habits, enabling control of our mind and peace to descend.

So we must be alert – otherwise, as Meditation Master Babaji says, if we could have just slept in meditation, we would all be Self-realized Yogis by now!

Watch Babaji talk on meditation and sleep below (click image)

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