The ‘commanding circle’ (short video)

The Jangama meditation technique that is taught by Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) is one of the most ancient techniques of meditation.

The instruction is to concentrate the mind and sight inbetween the eyebrows and just watch there.

As Babaji says,

‘As long as the eyeballs are moving parallelly it gives a jerk to the mind also, making it to spin. So naturally, without harming the health of the brain, when the eyeballs can come together, it can hold the mind and it can totally silence the mind. So that is why this point between the eyebrows is also known as ‘agna chakra’ – ‘commanding circle’. When you are able to keep the mind here (inbetween eyebrows), you become the commander of the mind. Means you can hold, without thinking anything, hold on to the silence of the mind. That’s when you realise mind is trying to watch itself. In other words, you are trying to watch yourself.’

Thus all unnecessary, negative imaginations that take us away from peace can be washed away once and for all. Eventually, through dedicated practice, we become the commander, the master of the mind. We can be quiet in the mind when we want to be quiet. We wouldn’t be constantly sucked into our imaginations and becoming a victim of those imaginations.

Watch Babaji talk about the ‘commanding circle’ below.
(Click on image)

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