A determined player

Sometimes it may appear that the meditation is a bit tough going, and the mind appears to be so restless and unable to settle down.

But the Meditation Master Babaji (Shiva Rudra Balayogi) advises never to feel threatened or be perturbed by what is going on in your mind. Even if it is restless, seemingly unable to settle down, take it as a golden opportunity to overcome whatever is there. So we keep on watching in meditation, remaining determined. Just like a tennis player in a tennis match just keeps playing the ball back without giving up. It becomes enjoyable to play the game.

It might appear initially that the thoughts themselves have the upper hand over us. But as we continue to keep a positive attitude and practise this meditation, in due course of time we start to overcome all the thoughts. The mind starts to recede and become quiet. We will start feeling the positive and peaceful effects in our daily lives.

Try it first thing in the morning when it is nice and quiet. When you get up, you can have a shower or splash some water on your face then sit down to meditate. It is a great way to start the day.

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