You can be your best friend or your worst enemy

The mind when it becomes purified of its thoughts and imaginations, it becomes pure consciousness. Until then, these imaginations appear constantly in the mind, and we become either our best friend or our worst enemy.

When we don’t want to harm ourselves in any way, we want to achieve the truth of our own existence, then we are our best friend – we are really wise.

But if we entertain extreme anger, greediness, jealousy we are the first casualty of such imaginations. We have lost our wisdom.

This all stems from our own imaginations.

As Meditation Master Babaji says,

“You have to overcome this imagination, stop and once for all get rid of this imagination to know what the truth is. So, that is why Adi Shankara also tells, “When you come face to face in your consciousness, …” Here it has been mentioned as consciousness not as mind, because when there is no imagination, no thoughts or visions are there, it is pure consciousness. So, “you come face to face in your consciousness, and when that consciousness is not into any type of imagination, know that existence as the truth.” The rest is all imagined. We imagine, and we lose temper. We imagine, and we become greedy. We imagine, and we become jealous. We imagine, we lose peace. We imagine, we become unhappy. Like that, we imagine and become everything, which is not necessary. That is how our own mind tricks ourselves; the mind tricks itself. “

Through patience and dedicated practice of meditation we can overcome these imaginations and experience that real inner peace.

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