We must be alert during meditation (short video)

When we sit for meditation we must make sure we are alert. If we fall asleep then we won’t be getting the benefits of meditation.

Make sure you take sufficient rest before sitting for meditation. Traditionally the early morning hours have been recommended; you get up, wash, sit for meditation then go about your daily activities. However, if your schedule doesn’t permit this, any time of day is fine. Just make sure to leave an hour or two after a meal otherwise we are likely to get sleepy.

When we can be alert and practice the technique properly, i.e. focus our mind and sight just to watch inbetween the eyebrows, then the mind can be purified of its habits, enabling control of our mind and peace to descend.

So we must be alert – otherwise, as Meditation Master Babaji says, if we could have just slept in meditation, we would all be Self-realized Yogis by now!

Watch Babaji talk on meditation and sleep below (click image)

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Only the mind can control itself

Meditation Master Babaji speaks about how control of the mind only really comes when the mind becomes quiet.

“It is recommended that in the meditation you be gentle, relaxed – skillfully you have to bring it to a stillness. That means by watching. Slightest bit you give up that control or your watchfulness, mindfulness, then it slips and it starts beginning its own story – it spins and spins and goes into a big story, creativity. All these things happen. So you cannot afford to lose temper at that time. It might be irritating sometimes, but you should not feel irritated because you will do more damage to your consciousness. If you feel irritated, if you lose temper, if you get angry, you might feel like banging your head; “Meditation is not happening, it’s not coming -millions of thoughts. Oh, God, how to stop this?” Nothing else can stop it. Only the mind has to stop itself.”

“Only the mind can control itself. No other means is possible, no other way, no other instrument, no other machinery, no other medicine. Nothing can control the mind. It will always be there. Only the mind itself has to become quiet. This is what you have to eventually realize in meditation. ‘Oh, it’s me who is troublesome, I have to become quiet.’ The day you realize that meditation will become easy.”

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The real symptoms of change while meditating (short video)

Good and bad situations come and go in life. Even when we adopt a meditation practice, these can occur in our lives in the same way. However, the important difference is we will be able to maintain peace in the mind. Instead of getting upset, hurt, we can remain positive and level-headed; we have the ability to sort out the problems that come in a better way. When the mind becomes quiet in meditation it comes under our control. Then we can be the master of this mind.

To follow the technique properly from the master is an important thing. ‘Just watch’ is the technique taught since time ancient times. If we can do that, then the mind can stop and be at peace.

Click on the image below to watch Babaji talk about the real symptoms of change when we meditate.

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You can be your best friend or your worst enemy

The mind when it becomes purified of its thoughts and imaginations, it becomes pure consciousness. Until then, these imaginations appear constantly in the mind, and we become either our best friend or our worst enemy.

When we don’t want to harm ourselves in any way, we want to achieve the truth of our own existence, then we are our best friend – we are really wise.

But if we entertain extreme anger, greediness, jealousy we are the first casualty of such imaginations. We have lost our wisdom.

This all stems from our own imaginations.

As Meditation Master Babaji says,

“You have to overcome this imagination, stop and once for all get rid of this imagination to know what the truth is. So, that is why Adi Shankara also tells, “When you come face to face in your consciousness, …” Here it has been mentioned as consciousness not as mind, because when there is no imagination, no thoughts or visions are there, it is pure consciousness. So, “you come face to face in your consciousness, and when that consciousness is not into any type of imagination, know that existence as the truth.” The rest is all imagined. We imagine, and we lose temper. We imagine, and we become greedy. We imagine, and we become jealous. We imagine, we lose peace. We imagine, we become unhappy. Like that, we imagine and become everything, which is not necessary. That is how our own mind tricks ourselves; the mind tricks itself. “

Through patience and dedicated practice of meditation we can overcome these imaginations and experience that real inner peace.

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Improving ourselves and becoming more mature through meditation

If we practice meditation, it means we are concentrating on improving ourselves and making ourselves more mature.

The mind can be kept non-violent and restrained so we don’t lose control and act in an immature way.

We can then be in a better position to help others if our own mind is under our control. As Babaji says, ‘If you can’t help others, at least don’t hinder them’.

Not to hinder others also is a great achievement – we may be hindering or bothering others without realizing it due to our habitual nature.

This habitual nature is what we can purify and overcome through the regular practice of meditation. A mature person always thinks of a larger cause – for the betterment of the other, the society and the world.

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‘It’s a great thing to stop the mind and just be able to watch the mind.’

The watching process in meditation is vital to purify the mind of its constant imaginations which are the cause of tension, anxiety, fear and stress.

Since the mind is so habitual to think and analyse all the time, it may take some time to become quiet. We need patience with ourselves – if the mind is practised to think so much, we need a practice not to think. Regularly if we adopt a practice then our mind can become more and more quiet, and we would regain that control.

This control of our mind means that in our daily lives we will be able to apply the mind in the best concentrated way and think when we want to – when we don’t want to think we can keep it rested, at peace, quiet.

And eventually, as the Masters say, we can become aware of the consciousness of existence, our real Self.

As Meditation Master Shiva Rudra Balayogi (Babaji) says,

“Consistently practice and you will gain the ability to just watch and not think. That’s a great achievement, anybody who can achieve it. It’s a great thing to stop the mind and just be able to watch the mind. When you watch the mind, then all thoughts and visions would have disappeared, then you will realise the mind is watching itself. That mind which is watching itself is that consciousness of existence, that is the ‘I’.”

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The cleansing process for the mind

Here is Meditation Master Babaji talking on how meditation is the cleansing process of the mind if we can ‘just watch’.

‘When we close the eyes for meditation, thousands of thoughts may keep coming. This is the cleansing process of the mind. Mind has absorbed these habits. We call it as the ‘acquired habits of the mind’. When the mind recognizes, when it thinks, it analyzes and makes a judgment. ‘This is good, this is the bad’ – it judges with its own imagination and absorbs an imprint. All these things sit in the mind as a habit. Based on these habits a person’s behavioural structure also builds up; a person’s character and culture. One might be very soft spoken and beautiful and kind and compassionate. Another may be quite rude, always into hatred and vengeance and violence. It all depends on the mind’s structured habits; what it has acquired since time immemorial.

When we practice this meditation we will be able to cleanse the mind; that is when the mind’s thought-habits all start getting evaporated. Due to the nature of the brain they get de-codified and appear as thought processes or visions. Hundreds and millions could be coming in quick succession. When that is happening your ability to simply watch without trying to get attached to those thoughts and without trying to think what they are is important. Even if something appears as a bad thought, let it happen, it is getting evaporated. The garbage is being thrown out of the mind. That is your ability to watch which is so important for meditation.’

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A new year, a new start

When we meditate we give ourselves the opportunity to bring attention to our own mind.

Instead of the mind constantly getting involved into its own imaginations and becoming a restless monkey jumping from one thought to another and going into cravings and worries, if our attention goes within it can become quiet and peaceful.

Meditation is that practice to cool the mind down and purify itself of all the habits it has picked up since time immemorial. We will be able to think when we want with the best focus and then be quiet and at peace when we don’t need to think. Thus we can live a stress-free enjoyable life and also eventually understand the real existence of who we are.

As Meditation Master Babaji says,

‘When you meditate, through meditation the mind recedes. When you get up from the meditation the mind will remain calm. You’ll be able to use the mind more effectively and you can control the mind. If you meditate then the mind automatically gains that ability. So you can use meditation as the blanket remedy to be used in the everyday life’.


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Meditation can be fun (video)

Establishing a daily meditation practice requires a positive attitude. When we sit and start to meditate, many thoughts may rise up which try to disturb us. But, as Meditation Master Babaji says,

“Don’t look at the top of the Mount Everest; step one by one if you go on, it will be fun. So you have undertaken a task, you have accepted the challenge. And that’s it. You are also a champion. The opponent also is a champion. The illusion is also a champion, it has its own power. But you don’t have to lose your heart. You don’t become depressed. You’re also a champion. You fight it out like a tennis match, I tell. You hit, let him hit, you hit. And use your wisdom always. Like that be positive. So then it will be fun when you sit for meditation. You will look forward every day to sit.”

As Babaji also says, ‘if we think it’s hard it appears hard. If we think it is easy, it appears easy.’ It depends on the attitude of our mind. All we have to do is stay patient, enjoy the process and continue with our daily efforts. Before long we can gain the upper hand and the mind will recede and come under our control.

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Don’t let things play on the mind

Sometimes we may find we are unable to let go of a thing that happened in the past. It plays on our mind and gives us so much stress. How can we let go mentally when this happens?
Meditation Master Babaji gives this advice.

‘If you allow something to play on the mind you are a casualty. That you must remember. The thing has already happened that is troublesome. If again you allow it to play on our mind again and again that’s what is the wrong thing, and you are spoiling your life. Your life is precious – you don’t have to do that. For anything in this world, nothing is as worthy as your own life, your precious Self. You zero in onto your real Self – that is the most precious thing. Nothing else is as precious as that. That knowledge is precious, that wisdom is precious, that attention is precious, that peace is precious – if you realise this then it will become easy to let go.’

Meditation is the key to ‘zero in’ onto our real Self and let go of thoughts that are playing on the mind. When we just watch whatever comes up without getting involved in any thought or imagination, the mind becomes focused, concentrated, and purified.


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