Rectify yourself, no need to reprimand

When we realise we have done something wrong, we can rectify ourselves rather than reprimand ourselves.

Meditation Master Babaji says,

You don’t have to lose temper with yourself. Simply you need to correct yourself – rectify your mistakes – then you rise above that level. That is what is important. 

These two have a thin edge of difference. Simply reprimanding yourself like taking a cane and hitting yourself has no meaning sometimes. So the mind may not change, it may go into a depression, or any such thing, ‘Oh, why I did do it like that.’ Instead, ‘Oh, that was a bit wrong, I need to correct that, now let me present myself in a better way.’ Like that if you think. And then simply rectify your fault, that is what is needed. You don’t have to be ashamed, and you don’t have to lose your peace, or composure, anything. Simply you just try to understand, ‘Oh, that was not proper. So let me rectify myself. Next time I will not behave like this.’ Like that if you think, that is better and more positive.

Through meditation we can cool the mind down and rectify ourselves of our mistakes. When problems happen in our lives, we can deal with them in a more mature, composed way.

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